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Natural Quill and Porcelain Paint Brushes

Natural Quill and Porcelain Paint Brushes

China painters are still looking for the traditional natural quill brushes with their special attributes. Kazan squirrel hair, Canadian squirrel hair as well as fitch, pure sable, pure sable Kolinsky and ox hair is formed by hand and traditionally worked into the natural quills. We produce pointed and square shaders, script, square and cut liners, edging brushes and stipplers as well as split quills.

For the shaping brushes pointed, oval or flat we form the hairs and fix them with a plastic quill on the handle In our wide range of porcelain paint brushes you can also find sword strippers, gilding brushes and background brushes for lustre painting.

Springer hobby porcelain paint brushes are manufactured with fine and flexible Taklon synthetic fibres. The fine synthetic hair assumes and dispenses the colour equally as well on porcelain and glass. on brushes and badger blenders.

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